Central Park: Season One

Hollywood Records 24/07/2020 下载




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Central in My Heart (feat. Josh Gad)2:36
2.Heiress to a Fortune (feat. Josh Gad)0:19
3.Own It (feat. Kristen Bell & Tituss Burgess & Kathryn Hahn & Daveed Diggs & Stanley Tucci & Josh Gad & Leslie Odom Jr.)3:45
4.Poops I'll Pick Up (feat. Tituss Burgess & Leslie Odom Jr.)2:07
5.Shampagne Was My Best Friend (feat. Leslie Odom Jr. & Tituss Burgess)0:56
6.Central to My Plot (feat. Stanley Tucci)1:00
7.Weirdos Make Great Superheroes (feat. Kristen Bell & Tituss Burgess)2:33
8.Make 'Em Pay (feat. Stanley Tucci)1:50
9.Weirdos Make Great Superheroes Reprise (feat. Kristen Bell & Tituss Burgess)1:01
10.Do It While We Can (feat. Christopher Jackson & Leslie Odom Jr. & Josh Gad & Kristen Bell & Tituss Burgess & Jessica Childress)2:50


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