The Call of the Wild

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电影 电影发行: 2020




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Wake the Girls 
2.Train North 
3.Skagway, Alaska 
4.Snowy Climb 
5.First Sledding Attempt 
6.The Ghost Wolf of Dreams 
7.Joining the Team 
8.Ice Rescue 
9.Sometimes Nature’s Cruel and Gods Figh 
10.Buck Takes the Lead 
11.We Carry Love 
12.Couldn’t Find the Words 
13.Overpacked Sled 
14.Newfangled Telegram 
15.In My Bed? 
16.Buck & Thornton’s Big Adventure 
17.Finding Bears and Love in the Woods 
18.They’re All Gone 
20.Animal Adventure 
21.Come Say Goodbye 
22.What an Adventure 
23.The Call of the Wild 


其他版本 The Call of the Wild (2020):

Call of the Wild, The (2021)

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