Ben Bagley's Arthur Schwartz Revisited

Kritzerland 24/01/2020 CD - 500 副本




# 跟踪 艺术家/作曲家 持续时间
1.What a Wonderful WorldCharles Rydell and Chorus 
2.Blue GrassBlossom Dearie 
3.Love Isnít Born, Itís MadeGloria DeHaven 
4.Thereís No Holding MeCharles Rydell, Blossom Dearie 
5.Miserable with YouPhyllis Diller and Charles Rydell 
6.In the Noonday SunCharles Rydell, Chorus 
7.Got a Braní New SuitPhyllis Diller, Cab Calloway, and Men 
8.Tennessee Fish FryCharles Rydell and Chorus 
9.Goodbye to All ThatGloria DeHaven and Three Pianos 
10.Smokiní ReefersCab Calloway 
11.Thatís for ChildrenBlossom Dearie 
12.Haunted Heart WardeDonovan and Sexarella 
13.You and I KnowBlossom Dearie and Charles Rydell 
14.Right at the Start of It WardeDonovan and Company 
15.Itís All YoursEthel Merman, Jimmy Durante 


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