Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Walt Disney Records (094635103328)
电影 | 发布: 2006 | 格式: CD, 下载




# 跟踪   持续时间
2.Magic Mirror1:25
3.I'm Wishing / One Song3:06
4.Queen Theme0:44
5.Far into the Forest2:26
6.Animal Friends / With a Smile and a Song4:24
7.Just Like a Doll's House2:45
8.Whistle While You Work3:23
10.Let's See What Upstairs1:16
11.There's Trouble a-Brewin4:21
12.It's a Girl4:27
13.Hooray! She stays23:00
14.Bluddle-Uddel-Um-Dum (The Dwarfs Washing Song)4:26
15.I've Been Tricked4:05
16.The Dwarfs Yodel Song (The Silly Song)4:35
17.Some Day My Prince Will Come1:54
18.Pleasant Dreams2:29
19.A Special Sort of Death2:02
20.Why Grumpy, Do You Care2:07
21.Makin' Pies3:03
22.Have a Bite1:28
23.Chorale for Snow White1:06
24.Love's First Kiss (Finale)4:21
25.Music in Your Soup2:35
26.You're Never Too Old to Be Young3:19
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