Lost Empires

电视剧/电视剧 电影发行: 1986




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Lost Empires Theme3:28
2.The Army of Today's Alright / Your King and Country3:29
3.A Pure White Rose / Somewhere5:38
4.Oh Flo!1:31
5.They Didn't Believe Me1:36
6.The Wedding Glide2:40
7.The Cigar Girl1:43
8.The Honeysuckle and the Bee2:10
9.Mother Machree2:30
10.Alexander's Ragtime Band2:40
11.Land of Hope and Glory2:30
12.Rule Britannia1:09
13.A Pure White Rose / I Don't Want to Play In Your Yard2:08
14.Shine On Harvest Moon0:59
15.Love's Old Sweet Song2:52
16.The Trombone Song2:05
17.Take Me On the Flip-Flap1:53
18.Nobody Knows, Nobody Cares2:04
19.Mr. Knick-Knock2:19
20.Poor Little Dolly3:04
21.Waiting for the Robert E. Lee2:04
22.Catari Catari1:19
23.The Nightingale and the Star / A Pure White Rose2:52
24.Julie's Theme4:13


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