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The Musical Anthology of His Dark Materials

Silva Screen Records 03/11/2019 下载




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.His Dark Materials1:38
2.The Alethiometer4:35
3.Lyra: The Child of Prophecy2:20
4.The Settling of a Daemon3:54
5.Scholastic Sanctuary3:07
6.The General Oblation Board2:58
7.The Life of Roger Parslow2:42
8.The Machinations of Lord Boreal2:50
9.A Gilded Cage1:24
10.The Strength of Gyptians3:38
11.A Plea to Fate3:13
12.The Legacy of Svalbard2:30
13.Mrs. M.Coulter2:05
14.The Magisterium3:03
15.The Path Foretold2:15
16.Release the Spy-Fly2:07
17.The Tales of Lee Scoresby2:43
18.The Compass Points North2:34
19.The Witches of Lake Enara3:15


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