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The Christopher Young Film Music Collection

Dragon's Domain Records 11/10/2019 下载




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Highpoint Main Title (From "Highpoint")1:42
2.Highpoint Love Theme End Credits (From "Highpoint")3:44
3.Avenging Angel Suite (From "Avenging Angel")3:37
4.Madison End Credits (From "Madison")4:44
5.Zalesie (From "Max and Helen")4:44
6.Forgiveness Of Sins (From "Max and Helen")2:38
7.Invaders Form Mars End Credits (from "Invaders from Mars")3:16
8.U Boats Prelude (From "U-Boats")3:45
9.Music Box (From "A Child's Game")5:42
10.What Exactly Is God's Plan (From "Something The Lord Made")5:01
11.The Homefront (from 'U-Boats")2:48
12.Blitzkreig (From "U-Boats")2:52
13.Jennifer 8 Main Theme (From "Jennifer 8")2:56
14.Copycat End Title (From "Copycat")5:08
15.Species Suite (From "Species")5:31
16.Twin Carousel (From "Dark Ride")2:56
17.Hellbound- Hellraiser II Suite (From "Hellraiser" and "Hellbound: Hellraiser II")11:57


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