The War In Space

CINK 22/12/2019 光盘
电影 电影发行: 1977




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Toho Logo 
2.Title Back 
3.Muroi and Jun's Engagement Announcement 
4.False Dr. Schmidt Chase 
5.National Defense Countermeasure HQ-Hell Fighters 
6.Gohten Base 
7.Gohten Base Attacked-Gohten Launch Command 
8.Gohten Launch 
9.Myoshi and Muroi 
10.Venus Orbit 
11.Discovery of the Daimakan-Land Rover Crisis 
12.Space Fighter Sortie 
13.Myoshi is Captured 
14.Gohten vs. Daimakan 
15.Daimakan's Counter Attack-Gohten Shot Down 
16.With the Ether Bomb 
17.Pyrrhic Victory 


其他版本 The War In Space (1977):

War In Space, The (1977)

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