A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
Complete Score

电影 | 发布日期: 24/09/2001 | 格式: CD




# 跟踪   持续时间
2.Arrival of David:2:57
3.A Few Simple Procedures:2:42
4.The Mecha World:7:04
5.Hide and Seek:3:27
6.Imprinting David:4:04
7.The Jealous Son:1:31
8.Perfume - 'Will You Die?' - Teddy:4:13
9.Martin Returns:2:05
10.Stored Memories and Monica's Theme:11:44
11.A Bird:2:19
12.In the Woods:3:08
13.'We Found Him':2:26
14.Alone in the World:5:03
15.Reading Stories:1:37
17.A Haircut:3:49
18.'Does He Eat?':1:02
19.Abandoned in the Woods and Rouge City:5:34
20.Where Dreams Are Born:4:21
21.The Pool Sequence:1:46
22.A Drive:3:29
23.Neither Flesh nor Blood:2:07
24.The Moon Rising:5:53
25.I have to Leave There:1:32
27.The Search for the Blue Fairy:6:15
28.David and the Supermecha:4:00
29.The Reunion:7:00


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