Deluxe edition 2 CD set

Craft Recordings 14/06/2019 光盘 - 5000 副本
电影 电影发行: 1971




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Theme From Shaft4:40
2.Bumpy’s Lament1:49
3.Walk From Regio’s2:22
4.Ellie’s Love Theme3:15
5.Shaft’s Cab Ride1:07
6.Café Regio’s6:09
7.Early Sunday Morning3:47
8.Be Yourself4:27
9.A Friend’s Place3:21
11.No Name Bar6:09
12.Bumpy’s Blues4:01
13.Shaft Strikes Again3:04
14.Do Your Thing19:31
15.The End Theme1:56
# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Theme From Shaft (Film Version)4:34
2.Shaft’s First Fight1:46
3.Reel 2 Part 2 / Cat Oughta Be Here1:43
4.Bumpy’s Lament (Film Version)1:44
5.Soulsville (Film Version)3:32
6.Ellie’s Love Theme (Film Version)3:23
7.Shaft’s Cab Ride (Film Version) / Shaft Enters Building1:38
8.I Can’t Get Over Losin’ You2:06
9.Reel 4 Part 61:37
10.Reel 5 Part 11:35
11.A Friend’s Place (Film Version)1:44
12.Bumpy’s Blues (Film Version)3:05
13.Bumpy’s Lament (Reprise) (Film Version)1:32
14.Early Sunday Morning (Film Version)3:05
15.Do Your Thing (Film Version)3:21
16.Be Yourself (Film Version)1:54
17.No Name Bar (Film Version)2:28
18.Shaft Strikes Again (Film Version) / Return Of Shaft1:36
19.Café Regio’s (Film Version)4:23
20.Walk From Regio’s (Film Version)2:27
21.Shaft’s Pain3:03
22.Rescue / The End Theme (Film Version)10:44


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