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电影 电影发行: 2015




# 跟踪 艺术家/作曲家 持续时间
1.Opening in the Hospital1:09
2.The Diagnosis1:10
3.RaceTill U Faint3:35
4.So FarHenry Bliss4:34
5.First Hope0:47
6.Let's Do It0:51
7.The TripSimon Fransquet with Jérôme Magnée1:52
8.Your Life (Guitar Solo)1:15
9.Kayak subterfuge1:30
10.No No NoTill U Faint3:15
11.Discussion Under the Tree1:46
12.Dad's Picture0:38
13.All This Is QuietHenry Bliss3:00
14.Never Lie to FriendsSimon Fransquet with Jérôme Magnée0:45
15.Something LessTill U Faint5:20
16.HoleHenry Bliss & the Sidewalkers4:35
17.Make Me Love Her AgainHenry Bliss & the Sidewalkers4:35
18.So Close2:41
19.Planet WarHenry Bliss3:18
20.Your LifeSimon Fransquet with Jérôme Magnée2:25


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