The Incredibles

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Walt Disney Records (5050467010024)
电影 | 发布日期: 02/11/2004 | 电影发行: 2004 | 格式: 光盘, 下载




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.The Glory Days3:32
2.Mr. Huph Will See You Now1:35
3.Adventure Calling2:23
4.Bob vs. The Omnidroid2:53
5.Lava in the Afternoon1:29
6.Life's Incredible Again1:24
7.Off to Work1:59
8.New and Improved2:15
9.Kronos Unveiled3:16
10.Marital Rescue2:19
11.Missile Lock2:07
12.Lithe or Death3:24
13.100 Mile Dash3:07
14.A Whole Family of Supers3:27
15.Escaping Nomanisan1:45
16.Road Trip!2:27
17.Saving Metroville5:03
18.The New Babysitter3:26
19.The Incredits7:23


World Soundtrack Awards: Discovery of the Year (获奖者)

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Incredibles, The (2004)

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