Music from the recording sessions

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电影 电影发行: 1993




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.1M1 Main Title 
2.3M1 The First Night 
3.4M2 The Dead 
4.4M3 Home 
5.4M3 Home (alt) 
6.5M1 Nando Awakes 
7.5M2 Silent Night 
8.5M4 You're the Leader 
9.6M1 Nando & Carlitos 
10.6M3 Tomorrow We Climb 
11.6M4 The Rosary Montage 
12.7M1 Susana's Coat 
13.7M2 Are You Ready 
14.7M3 Eating 
15.8M1 The Second Climb 
16.8M2 Frozen Climbers 
17.9M1 Sledding 
18.9M2 Burning Money 
19.9M2 Burning Money (alt) 
20.9M4 The Avalanche 
21.10M1 Carlito's Birthday 
22.10M2 Sunlight 
23.10M3 Digging Out 
24.10M4 Alberto 
25.11M1 Finding the Tail 
26.11M2 The Mirror 
27.11M2 The Mirror (alt) 
28.11M3 Nando Carries Roy 
29.12M1A Final Climb Pt. 1 
30.12M1B Final Climb Pt. 2 
31.13M1 I'm Going Back 
32.13M2A I Love You Man 
33.13M2B It's God 
34.14M1 Rescued 
35.14M2 End Titles 


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