L'Ira di Dio

GDM Music (0623345343542)
GDM Music (8018163020690)
电影 | 发布: 1967 | 格式: CD




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Concerto per un killer (titoli)1:55
3.Aggressione e fuga4:22
4.Sepoltura e cavalcata2:28
5.Fuga notturna2:57
6.Tristezza di un cow boy4:08
8.Dramma personale2:45
10.Concerto per un killer (#2)1:53
12.The last souvenir3:09
13.Tierra caliente1:47
14.In prigione1:13
15.Cavalieri selvaggi2:15
17.The last souvenir (#2)2:42
18.Concerto per un killer (#3)2:04
19.The last souvenir (#3)2:42
20.Cantina messicana2:49
21.L'ultimo inseguimento1:18
22.Fine dell'ira (Tracks: 1-22 previously unreleased score)4:06
23.Concerto per un killer1:54
24.The last souvenir (Tracks: 23-24 original single versions in mono)3:08
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L'Ira di Dio - 10/10 - 评论 John Mansell, 提交于 (英语)
When I first heard the wonderful theme from this movie many years ago on a CAM single 45 rpm, I never thought that the full score would one day be available, because at the time of the singles release which was around 1968/69 I could only dream of owning this soundtrack, the amount of times I wrote and phoned CAM about this score is unbelievable. I think this is why CAM tend to avoid me nowadays,(its that mad Englishman again--just put down the phone !!!!) I even asked GDI the UK label to consider releasing it, to no avail. But at last thanks to GDM and that nice English outfit Hillside CD productions and the hard working Prof, Roberto Zamori, here it is, has it been worth the wait of nearly 40 years. I think it has and I hope that you will agree with me. To say the soundtrack contains many of the trademarks and stock sounds of the Italian western score, would be wrong, because this was one of the handful of soundtracks along with A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS, FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE etc etc, that were responsible for creating and putting into place those sounds and trademarks, solo trumpet, racing snare drums, choir, electric guitar passages etc, they are all here. The disc opens with the powerful composition CONCERTO PER UN KILLER, now this is something of a strange pairing of styles, a classical piano performance on a par with a concerto written by Greig opens the cue in grandoise style, but is interspersed with a soaring trumpet solo in the true tradition of the Spaghetti Western, both the piano and the trumpet fuse together well to create a very commanding sound which is supported and embellished by the use of choir and strings. It’s one of those tracks that is so compelling that if you heard it on the radio you would not rest until you found out what is was. This composition is reprised on the disc four times, one of the versions being the original 45 rpm single recording, the other versions are all taken from the original masters and are slightly different in orchestration and arrangement. All four versions are powerfully performed and certainly make the listener sit up and take notice. The other principal theme is THE LAST SOUVENIR which appeared as the B side to the original CAM 45 rpm single, this too contains trumpet solo and choir but is a slower tempo cue, and sound being much more subdued and near romantic in places. I cannot recommend this score highly enough, it is an essential purchase, a must buy a got to have item, this is also a ltd edition for collectors, there are just 750 copies available. Packaged well, if not a bit sparingly, but hey it’s the music that we want, the sound quality is also very good indeed. A score that will have spaghetti western fans in raptures and Italian film music enthusiasts singing the praises of Lacerenza,GDM and Hillside.
L'Ira di Dio - 10/10 - 评论 Eddy Morel, 提交于 (法国)
Très belle musique de Michele Lacerenza, très bon trompettiste de plusieurs westerns 'spaghetti' notamment Pour une poignée de dollars (1964) ou Un pistolet pour Ringo (1965).

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