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Mortal Engines

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# 跟踪   持续时间
1.London Suite In C Major8:54
2.No-One You Know2:51
3.The Chase1:08
4.Welcome To London2:39
5.Miss Valentine4:19
6.This Is For My Mother1:36
7.The Outlands4:52
8.A Resurrected Man4:44
9.Ms. Fang2:05
10.In a Sea of Clouds1:28
11.The Weapon of the Ancients2:08
12.Shan Guo3:21
13.I Am the Meteor2:15
14.First Strike2:09
15.Night Sundered4:10
16.In the Shadow of a Shrine3:29
17.No Going Back5:58
19.The 13th Floor Elevator4:40
20.Alive and Together4:52
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Mortal Engines - 08/10 - 评论 Thomas Jenkins, 提交于 (英语)
I am amazed this score is so good. Holkenborg manages to write a stunning action score while remaining relatively intelligent.

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