Airport '77 / The Concorde...Airport '79
Universal Pictures Film Music Heritage Collection

La-La Land Records 20/11/2018 CD - 3000 副本 (826924149126)




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Airport '77 Composed And Conducted By John Cacavas
1.Airport í77 Main Title3:19
2.Handbag And Bankerís Makeup3:27
3.Floor Panel1:56
4.Cleared For Takeoff1:06
5.Guard Hit And Air Duct Manipulation4:30
6.Plane Down3:35
7.Julie And Steve / Briefing Search And Rescue2:35
8.Leak In Ceiling1:14
9.Bringing Wires Together And Karenís Fright4:33
10.Skin Divers At Work3:53
11.Securing The Plane4:43
12.Plane Saved1:39
13.Airport í77 End Title And End Cast2:58
14.I Just Said Goodbye2:27
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The Concorde... Airport '79 Composed And Conducted By Lalo Schifrin
1.The ConcordeÖ Airport í79 Main Title2:35
2.Majestic Bird0:59
3.Love Rhapsody3:49
7.Welcome Aboard2:46
8.The Concorde Taxis0:47
9.The Drone / Iíll See You In Paris2:44
10.Countdown And Malfunction2:09
11.Supersonic Confrontation3:34
12.Violent Aerobatics3:10
13.Engine Power Off3:53
14.The Net Springs Up2:30
15.Itís Over2:29
16.Pressure Sealing1:26
17.Letís Try Again0:57
18.Chase At The Airport3:12
19.Number Seven / Altimeters / Cargo Door1:39
20.Out Of Control1:18
21.The Alps2:18
22.Fighting The Crosswinds3:19
23.Snow, Fire And Rescue4:36
24.End Credits4:32
25.Love Rhapsody (Alternate)4:13
26.Dancing In The Clouds 1:08


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