Detroit: Become Human

游戏配乐 电影发行: 2018




# 跟踪   持续时间
Music by Philip Sheppard
1.Not Just a Machine (Kara)0:54
2.Keep Turning (Kara)2:00
3.Little One (Kara)3:08
4.Dark Night (Kara)5:12
5.Song of the Lost Girl (Kara)3:07
6.Kara Main Theme (Kara)6:54
7.Lost (Kara)1:35
8.Run with Me (Kara)2:42
9.I Am Kara (Kara)3:36
10.Zlatko (Kara)2:42
11.Confrontation (Kara)2:48
12.In the Cold (Kara)4:28
13.And Then Time Stops (Kara)0:54
14.What Is a Mother (Kara)4:05
15.Carousel (Kara)0:53
16.Buzzkill (Kara)3:39
17.All This Will Pass (Kara)1:46
18.By Firelight (Kara)3:00
19.What Light Breaks (Kara)1:56
20.Fly on Foot (Kara)3:32
21.Breathe In (Kara)4:26
22.No Man Has Borders (Kara)3:13
23.By the River (Kara)2:20
# 跟踪   持续时间
Music by John Paesano
1.Epilogue (Markus)1:11
2.Markus Main Theme (Markus)3:01
3.Father and Son (Markus)0:52
4.Something You've Never Seen Before (Markus)3:13
5.Time to Decide (Markus)1:27
6.The Junkyard (Markus)1:11
7.I Am Markus (Markus)1:47
8.Lost (Markus)1:18
9.Find Jericho (Markus)2:06
10.We Can't Save Everyone (Markus)1:15
11.A False Freedom (Markus)1:40
12.Treated Like Slaves (Markus)0:54
13.Time to Take Action (Markus)5:32
14.Markus' Speech (Markus)1:45
15.Can We Still Trust Our Machines (Markus)1:57
16.Cyberlife (Markus)1:53
17.It's Time We Send a Message (Markus)2:14
18.We Are People (Markus)5:46
19.It's up to You to Decide (Markus)1:12
20.A Huge Mistake (Markus)1:16
21.The Revolution Is Starting (Markus)7:19
22.Not Human (Markus)1:39
23.We Are Not Afraid (Markus)4:08
24.I Can't Let My People Die (Markus)3:32
25.Finish the Barricade (Markus)1:29
26.The Horrors of War (Markus)2:54
27.This Is the End (Markus)3:18
# 跟踪   持续时间
Music by Nima Fakhrara
1.Hostage (Connor)2:52
2.Your Choice (Connor)4:20
3.Connor and Hank (Connor)2:18
4.The Interrogation (Connor)3:11
5.Investigation (Connor)2:09
6.Now (Connor)2:19
7.As I See Them (Connor)1:24
8.Analysing (Connor)1:11
9.The Nest (Connor)1:49
10.They All Look the Same (Connor)3:40
11.Eden Club (Connor)3:48
12.One by One (Connor)4:09
13.The Garden (Connor)2:43
14.Kamski (Connor)7:42
15.I Trust You (Connor)1:32
16.Crossroads (Connor)1:52
17.What's Your Mission (Connor)1:09
18.Meet Markus (Connor)1:25
19.Will You Trust Me (Connor)2:04
20.Wake Up (Connor)2:11
21.Connor Main Theme (Connor)8:54


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