12 Monkeys: Season 4

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# 跟踪 艺术家/作曲家 持续时间
1.The First Splinter3:30
2.Serpents and Demons3:22
3.A Toast To Family1:46
4.Katarina’s Sacrifice2:29
5.Too Late For UsKelsy Karter4:03
6.Life After Death3:03
7.The Good, The Bad, And the Primary4:24
8.Ever After Is Seldom Happy2:40
9.To Be a Daughter3:02
10.Save the One1:40
11.I Am the Witness2:43
12.Year 14911:13
13.Return of the Scav King1:20
14.The Steps, Ring the Bell4:45
15.Don’t You Forget About Me (feat. Kelsy Karter)3:13
16.The Writing On the Wall2:39
17.Red Forest2:41
18.The Primary Code3:41
19.Proudest To Be Your Mother6:07
20.The Time Is Now1:36
21.The Keyes1:34
22.James Cole2:21
23.We Need Everyone2:17
25.Into the Storm4:10
26.The Last Battle5:22
27.Cassie’s Choice3:21
28.The Right Thing the Right Way3:33
29.Death Can Be Undone, Love Cannot3:33
30.See You Soon3:27
31.The Final Splinter2:46


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