Alien 3

La-La Land Records 03/05/2018 CD - 3500 副本 (826924145425)
电影 电影发行: 1992




# 跟踪   持续时间
The Film Score
1.20th Century Fox Trademark/Main Title4:53
2.Status Reports2:59
3.The Survivor Is a Woman1:59
4.The Wreckage2:08
5.Lullaby Elegy (Extended Version)5:28
6.The Cremation4:04
7.Chow Down With the Boys2:28
8.How Do You Like Your New Haircut?1:46
9.The First Attack (Film Version)1:18
10.Appreciative of Your Affections1:45
11.Thatís His Boot2:29
12.A Mark, A Burn0:57
13.Wreckage and Rape2:43
14.Candles in the Wind3:24
15.Bishop Turned On2:29
16.Youíre Going to Die Too2:01
17.Itís a Long Sad Story /Clemens Dies4:21
18.Andrewsí Sting /What Are We Going to Do?4:53
19.Explosion and Aftermath (Extended version)3:13
20.I Have to Get to the Ship4:17
21.In the Basement1:33
22.Alienís Lair3:33
23.The Beast Within3:12
24.Visit to the Wreckage2:05
25.Bait and Chase (Extended version)4:56
# 跟踪   持续时间
The Film Score (Continued)
1.Itís Started3:36
2.More Bait and Chase2:21
3.Trap the Alien / Dillonís Deliverance2:04
4.Gotcha / Hello, I Must Be Going2:29
6.The Cremation (Alternate)4:34
7.You Can Still Have a Life (Alternate)4:04
8.20th Century Fox Trademarks / Alien Version1:15
The Original 1992 MCA Album
9.Agnus Dei4:29
10.Bait and Chase4:42
11.The Beast Within3:10
13.Candles in the Wind3:21
14.Wreckage and Rape2:44
15.The First Attack4:20
16.Lullaby Elegy3:41
17.Death Dance2:17
18.Visit to the Wreckage2:04
19.Explosion and Aftermath2:21
20.The Dragon3:07
21.The Entrapment3:42


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