The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn
Expanded Motion Picture Score

Bootleg 2011 CD
电影 电影发行: 2011




# 跟踪   持续时间
2.Sur le Boulevard1:33
3.The Unicorn1:37
4.Empty Drawers1:00
5.Snowy and the Cat0:43
6.At the Library1:16
7.A Strange Visitor0:34
8.The Ship is Gone0:25
9.Entering the Mansion2:12
11.The Missing Scroll2:59
12.The Visitor is Shot0:55
13.Introducing the Pattersons1:43
14.Chasing the Thief1:41
15.Snowy in Pursuit1:58
16.You Mean, The Poem1:47
17.Introducing Haddock1:28
18.Pop That Cork0:19
19.Tub... Tub2:13
20.Tintin Gets the Keys3:09
21.The Radio Room2:26
22.Escape from the Karaboudjan3:24
23.That's the Unicorn0:25
24.The Captain Takes the Oars1:33
25.Capturing Mr. Silk1:22
26.The Last Bottle of Whiskey0:52
27.Portuguese Plane1:58
28.The Flight to Bagghar4:08
29.Thom Thompsons0:38
30.This is the Desert0:52
31.Sailing with Sir Francis1:28
32.Battle with the Pirates3:00
# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Desert Rescue0:35
2.A Sober Haddock1:08
3.Old Enemies Meet1:33
4.At Sword Point2:41
5.Dueling Pirates2:34
6.Working the Puzzle and Into the Desert1:19
7.We're Being Followed0:32
8.The Milanese Nightingale1:39
10.Je Veux Vivre2:53
11.Yes or Gu-No1:23
12.The Falcon and the Flood2:43
13.Motorcycle Pursuit1:46
14.Haddock's Nobility2:14
15.Sakharin Captured0:37
16.Crane Fight1:11
17.Crane Fight Pt. II0:44
18.Haddock vs. Sakharin2:17
19.The Coordinates1:17
20.Marlinspike Hall1:29
21.To Be Continued3:20
22.Snowy's Theme2:10
23.A Thirst for Adventure2:58
24.Tinker-Tin (Album take)3:04
25.Escape from the Karaboudjan (Original version)0:58
26.Capturing Mr. Silk (Original version)1:55
27.Yes or Gu-No (Album take)1:20
28.The Falcon and the Flood (Album take)2:41
29.Motorcycle Chase (Original version)1:50
30.Haddock vs Sakharin (Album take)2:16


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