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The Biograph Girl
Original London Cast

Jay Records 31/01/2018 下载




# 跟踪 艺术家/作曲家 持续时间
1.The Moving Picture ShowCompany of The Biograph Girl0:00
2.Working in FlickersSheila White1:41
3.That's What I Get All Day / The Moment I Close My EyesBruce Barry & Company of The Biograph Girl Jane Hardy2:10
4.Every Lady Needs a MasterKate Revill0:00
5.I Just Wanted to Make Him LaughGuy Siner2:42
6.I Like to Be the Way I Am in My Own Front ParlourSheila Whitey & Company of The Biograph Girl2:27
7.Beyond BabelBruce Barry & Company of The Biograph Girl3:08
8.Nineteen Twenty FiveCompany of The Biograph Girl2:45
9.Gentle FadeBruce Barry3:12
10.The Biograph GirlCompany of The Biograph Girl3:56
11.One of the PioneersBruce Barry0:00
12.Put It in the Tissue PaperSheila White & Kate Revill Guy Siner3:40


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