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Friday The 13th: Parts 2 & 3

La-La Land Records 10/10/2017 CD




# 跟踪   持续时间
Friday the 13th Part 2
2.Alice Hangs Up1:59
3.Keep a Cool Head (aka Main Title)2:11
5.Ralph Gets Cursed1:37
6.Terry Looks for Muffin0:53
7.Jeff and Sandy are Watched0:54
8.The Chase / Sheriff Visits Villa Jason2:52
9.Terry in Lake / Dolly In, Scott Out2:32
10.Vickie is Watched / Jason at Door2:31
11.Vickie Goes Up0:47
12.Jason and Paul Meet1:24
13.Ragtop and Running Ragged3:53
14.Ginny Under the Bed3:59
15.Ginny Visits Villa Jason5:32
16.Who’s at the Door1:58
17.Return to Chez Jason / Titles2:26
# 跟踪   持续时间
Friday the 13th Part III
1.Part 2 Flashback4:21
2.Theme from Friday the 13TH Part 3 (Written By Harry Manfredini and Michael Zager)4:28
3.The General Store1:36
4.The Meat Cleaver2:59
5.Arriving at the Barn / Fake Axe1:32
6.Let’s Go for a Swim0:51
7.Who’s Up There?1:55
8.In the Barn1:50
9.The Pipe Wrench0:42
10.In the Bedroom1:21
11.Flashback to Meeting Jason1:23
12.Chuck Walks to Outhouse1:32
13.The Lake Dock1:27
14.Shelly Goes to The Barn1:17
15.Wallet in the Lake1:09
16.Debbie Takes a Shower0:44
17.Walking On Hands1:10
18.The Fuse Box3:35
19.Chili Bites the Big One0:49
20.Nobody Home0:33
21.The Eyes Have It2:32
22.Jason Down Stairs to Barn7:11
23.Jason Hung3:34
24.Jason Grabs Rope2:05
26.Jason Dead in Barn / End Credit Title3:39


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