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Up And Down - Alex North

Cappo Digital 29/09/2017 下载




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Cleopatra's Barge3:00
2.Antony, Wait...4:01
3.Taste Of Death2:54
4.Antony And Cleopatra2:27
5.Love And Hate2:16
6.Caesar And Cleopatra2:33
7.Dying Is Less Than Love4:30
8.A Gift For Caesar3:44
9.Caesar's Assassination4:36
10.My Love Is My Master2:12
11.Grant Me An Honorable Way To Die!2:39
12.Epilogue (Act 1)2:29
13.Cleopatra Enters Rome3:07
14.The Fire Burns, The Fire Burns1:47


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