The Book of Henry

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# 跟踪   持续时间
2.Treehouse Inventions2:01
3.Cheering Up the Mountain0:46
4.Predator in Their Midst1:13
5.Research and Development3:17
6.Shaking, Not Stirred0:26
7.On Mortality0:45
8.Henry's Final Wish3:41
9.A Tender House Call1:05
10.Book Discovery: System of Abuse2:02
11.Do You Have Prince Albert in a Can?5:29
12.Target Practice1:43
13.Forging Ahead2:00
14.Peter's Lament2:50
15.The Parable of the Talents4:18
16.Christina's Dance3:31
17.Susan for Justice4:48
18.Peter the Great1:43
19.Into the Fire2:24
20.Closing the Book on Henry0:34
21.Your Hand I Will Never Let It Go3:42


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