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All The Way

Decca Records 17/06/2016 下载




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.After The Shooting1:56
2.The Oval Office3:48
3.House And Senate4:46
4.Signing Ceremony2:02
5.Vietnam Begins1:48
6.Freedom Riders1:09
7.LBJ Orders Strikes1:33
8.Chaney Eulogy1:17
9.Stand Up!1:10
10.Ladybird Comforts LBJ1:08
11.On The Lake2:33
12.Freedom Summer1:13
13.FBI To Mississippi1:56
14.I'm Coming For You1:42
15.Fannie Lou Hamer4:03
16.Church Basement1:11
17.It Takes A Carpenter1:48
18.That Never Stopped You2:14
19.All The Way2:39
20.Men's Room Scandal2:31
21.Delegate Compromise1:53
22.The FBI Tapes MLK0:55
23.People Turn On You So Fast3:06
24.War On Poverty2:25
25.New Orleans Speech1:48
26.Election Night1:47


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