The Musical of Musicals, The Musical

音乐 | 发布: 2004 | 格式: 光盘




# 跟踪 艺术家/作曲家 持续时间
2.Oh, What Beautiful Corn 
3.Scene From 'Corn!' 
4.I Couldn't Keer Less About You 
5.I Don't Love You 
6.Scene From 'Corn' 
7.Follow Your Dream 
8.Dream Ballet 
10.Clam Dip 
11.Scene From 'Corn' 
12.Daylight Savings Time 
13.Corn Finale 
14.Welcome To The Woods 
15.The Ballad Of Jitter 
16.Jitter's Oath 
17.Scene From 'A Little Complex' 
19.Getting Away With Murder 
20.Billy-Baby/A Melody? 
21.Stay With Me 
22.Jeune's Patter 
23.We're All Gonna Die 
24.Complex Finale 
25.Dear Abby 
26.Take My Advice And Live 
27.Scene From 'Dear Abby!' 
28.Show Tune 
29.Scene From 'Dear Abby!' 
30.Did I Put Out Enough? 
31.Dear Abby FinaleJoanne Bogart 
32.Aspects Of Junita 
33.I've Heard That Song Before 
34.Opera Scena 
35.Sing A Song 
36.Junita's Recitative 
37.Go Go Go Go Junita 
38.We Never Talk Anymore 
39.A Sense Of Entitlement/Second Opera Scena 
40.Over The Top 
41.Chandelier Scena 
42.Aspects Finale 
43.Hola, Aloha, Hello 
44.Juny With A 'J' 
45.Color Me Gay 
46.Just Don't Pay 
47.Easy Mark 
48.Round And Round 


NOTES FROM THE AUTHORS Okay, so you purchased this CD, and with a title like “The Musical of Musicals” (The Musical!) you’re thinking, “This will be grand, even epic, in proportion! A giant orchestra, a cast of thousands and…” Well, you’re wrong. The show here, as performed Off-Broadway, consists of four performers and a piano.

We set out to write a great new musical. Whatever we tried to compose, however innovative, was never quite as melodious as any tune by Richard Rodgers. And however clever a turn of phrase we might have come up with, it never came close to the genius of a Stephen Sondheim. It was then we suddenly realized, nobody really wants to hear a new musical – we all just want more of the old ones. We want revivals of the great, classic musicals written by the masters of the form. The Oklahoma’s, the Carousel’s, the Sweeney Todd’s. Unfortunately, there are only so many of them. So we decided to write a brand new original revival. After all, why bother being a second-rate original when we could be a first-rate imitation? (Wait, I think I meant that in reverse…)

SYNOPSIS“A Musical of Musicals” (the Musical!) is a musical about … musicals. In this hilarious satire of Musical Theatre, one story becomes five delightful musicals, each written in the distinctive style of a different master of the form.

June, an ingénue who can’t pay the rent, is threatened by her evil landlord. Will the handsome leading man come to her rescue? In an evening of variations on a theme, this basic plot is musicalized the way Rodgers and Hammerstein might have envisioned it, taking place in Kansas in August, complete with a Dream Ballet. The story is then done in the style of Stephen Sondheim, featuring the landlord as a tortured, artistic genius who slashes the throats of his tenants in revenge because they don’t appreciate his Art. When presented in the style of Jerry Herman, the story becomes a splashy star vehicle, while the Andrew Lloyd Webber version is a rock musical, with borrowed themes from Puccini. The story is re-told one last time in the style of Kander and Ebb, set in a Cabaret in Chicago.

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