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The Card
1994 London Cast

Colosseum (5014636604520)
First Night Records (5014636204522)
音乐 | 发布: 1994 | 格式: CD




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Typical Machin 
2.Another Time, Another Place 
3.You'll Do 
4.How Do 
5.Nobody Thought Of It 
7.Moving On 
8.Time To Spend (Beside The Sea) 
9.Lock, Stock & Barrel 
10.Is It Just Me? 
11.Typical Machin (Reprise) 
12.That's The Way The Money Grows 
13.If Only 
14.Countess Of Chell 
15.The Card 
16.Opposite Your Smile 
17.If Only (Reprise) 
18.Moving On (Reprise) 
19.Denry For Mayor 
20.Is It Just Me (Reprise) 


Rewritten by Tony Hatch and Anthony Drewe for the 1994 production at The Regent's Park Open Air Theatre, starring Peter Duncan and Hayley Mills.

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