The deluxe edition

Varèse Sarabande Club (0030209112624)
电影 | 发布日期: 24/10/2011 | 电影发行: 1997 | 格式: CD
限量版: 1000 副本




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Main Titles2:37
2.Children’s Hospital1:26
3.Release The Judas2:24
4.Press Conference1:48
6.Priest Dies3:18
7.Investigation Begins0:45
8.Dark Angels1:00
9.Problems In The Lab5:17
10.Funny Shoes1:11
11.Delancey St. Station1:15
12.Locker Room2:28
13.Susan Meets Chuy1:08
14.Goodbye Boys2:33
15.Susan & Dr. Gates1:12
16.Chuy Steps Out3:15
17.Pregnancy Test2:52
18.Manny’s Search1:48
19.Manny’s Underground1:04
20.Susan Joins The Photos0:51
21.Mimic Snatches Susan1:22
22.Scaffolding Falls1:24
23.Alone In Den3:04
24.Chased By A Bug1:17
25.Josh Bites It4:19
26.Race To The Subway2:56
27.Mimics 1011:21
28.I’ll Go1:01
29.Fleeing Terror4:48
30.Bug Killer1:24
32.End Credits2:00
33.Slow Tango2:17
34.Manny’s Tango2:01


MIMIC: The Deluxe Edition
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music Composed and Conducted by Marco Beltrami

Widely considered to be one of Marco Beltrami’s very best scores, we are thrilled to announce Mimic: The Deluxe Edition to coincide with the just-released Blu-Ray of the film. Greatly expanded from our own, original release from 1997, Mimic has never sounded better.

From acclaimed director Guillermo Del Toro (Pan's Labrynth, Hellboy) comes 'a terrifying film of great elegance' (San Francisco Chronicle). Starring Academy Award© winner Mira Sorvino (Mighty Aphrodite) and screen favorite Charles S. Dutton (A Time to Kill) and Josh Brolin (True Grit) this electrifying thriller brings the epic battle between man and nature to life when a team of scientists discover a glitch in their miracle cure. With the power to mimic and destroy its every predator and the threat of an entire city's destruction, their creation has taken on a horrifying life of its own. With the weight of extinction on their shoulders the team is forced to take matters into their own hands in this stylish hit that delivers heart pounding thrills from beginning to end.

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