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Alan Hawkshaw's Orchestral Encounters
London Session Orchestra & Alan Hawkshaw

股票音乐 | 发布: 2009 | 格式: 下载




# 跟踪   持续时间
London Session Orchestra & Alan Hawkshaw
1.Apollo Overture1:30
2.The Theme3:53
3.Fanfare of the Titan2:13
4.The Dawning (Prologue)4:38
5.Elegy to Colombia3:44
6.Armadas of Space2:53
7.The Patriot5:09
8.Discovery Fanfare2:35
9.Cyber Cowboys3:04
10.The Lone Astronaut3:24
11.The Venus Legacy4:04
12.Time Phoenix2:07
13.Challenger Remembered3:34
14.Assembly of the Space Marshals2:32
15.Terrestrial Pageant2:14
16.The Spirit of Enterprise3:56
17.Anthem for the Fallen3:02
18.Event Horizon2:50
19.The Dawning (Epilogue)8:00


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