Russian Film Music IV - The Best of Mikael Tariverdiev

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# 跟踪   持续时间
1."Prelude" from "Goodbye Boys" (1964)1:50
2."The Last Romantic" from "The Small School Orchestra" (1968)5:42
3."You Are Leaving Like a Train" from "To Love" (1966)1:34
4."Morning in Moscow" from "Olga Sergeevna" (1975)2:21
5."Love Theme" from "Lost Expedition" (1979)2:49
6."Waltz" from "17 Moments of Spring" (1973)3:25
7."Couple in a Cafe" Prelude from "17 Moments of Spring" (1973)4:18
8."Music on the Water" from "Romance alla Russo" (1994)4:42
9."The Promise of Love" from "Romance alla Russo" (1994)1:07
10."Flight" from "Endhouse Mystery" (1989)3:25
11."A Distant Sailboat" from "Maria Stewart" (1996)1:43
12."Sunrise over the Sea" from "All We Dreamed About" (1996)3:03
13."Lovers" from "Criminal Trio" (1994)2:52
14."On the Steps of the Cathedral" from "Flight Through Memory" (1987)1:52
15."Vision of Mary" from "Maria Stewart" (1996)1:40
16."Death in Venice" from "Senses a Conspiracy" (1989)4:29
17."End of the Holiday" from "Endhouse Mystery"3:04
18."Busker" from "Romance alla Russo" (1994)2:08
19."Melody" from "Irony of Fate" (1976)3:10
20."Hope" from "Irony of Fate" (1976)4:25
21."The Third Street Builders" from "Irony of Fate" (1976)1:54
22."Prelude" from "The Younger Brother" (1962)2:40
# 跟踪 艺术家/作曲家 持续时间
1."Recollection of Summer" from "Olga Sergeevna" (1975)1:48
2."Morning" from "Olga Sergeevna" (1975)3:50
3."Morning in the Mountains" from "Olga Sergeevna" (1975)4:07
4."Barbara" from "Fate of a Resident" (1970)Andrey Vertogradov1:31
5."Habanera" from "Copper Angel" (1979)2:30
6."Morning River" from "Fifteen Spring" (1971)2:56
7."Night of Fun" from "Night of Fun" (1992)4:16
8."Summer Mist" from "Summer People" (1996)1:48
10."Small Dance" Prelude from "Russian Rag-Time" (1993)2:00
11."Maine Theme" from "Thief" (1995)2:46
12."Dream" from "All We Dreamed About" (1996)2:19
13."Morning Moscow" from "Still Waters" (2000)0:53
14."Memories of Summer" from "Still Waters" (2000)2:42
15."The Train" from "Still Waters" (2000)3:27
16."Still Waters" from "Still Waters" (2000)1:56
17."Meeting on the Boulevard" from "Still Waters" (2000)1:04
18."Feast on the Pier" from "Still Waters" (2000)3:35
19."The Last Sight" from "Still Waters" (2000)2:04
20."Playing Together" from "Till Tomorrow" (1964)5:39
21."Russian Rag-Time 1" from "Till Tomorrow" (1964)2:26
22."Music" from "To Love" (1996)3:33


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