Music from the Hammer Films

Silva Screen Records 1989 CD (5014929006628)




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The Dracula Suite (James Bernard)
1.Main Theme2:15
2.Inside Castle Dracula/The Lure Of The Vampire Woman/Dracula's Rage3:05
3.The Kiss Of The Living Death2:08
4.Funeral In Carpathia2:25
5.Finale: Confrontation And Climax/The Fall Of Dracula2:31
Hands of the Ripper (Christopher Gunning)
6.Main Titles/Trance/Mrs. Golding's Murder/Anna's Theme10:33
Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (James Bernard)
7.Finale: Dracula And The Crucifix5:24
Vampire Circus (David Whitaer)
Taste the Blood of Dracula (James Bernard)
9.The Blood Of Dracula2:11
10.Romance: The Young Lovers/Shadow Of The Tomb3:21
11.Ride To The Ruined Church2:56
12.Romance: At Dusk2:30
13.Dracula Triumphant/Pursuit/The Death Of Lucy3:39
14.The Victory Of Love2:20


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