Constant Romance Themes from the Most Romantic TV and Film Ever

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# 跟踪 艺术家/作曲家 持续时间
1.Poldark Main Theme (Piano Cover)0:42
2.Pride and Prejudice Main Theme (Piano Cover)1:25
3.Gone with the Wind Main Theme (Piano Cover)The Piano-Fortissimos2:02
4.Romeo and Juliet Main Theme (Piano Cover)The Piano-Fortissimos2:50
5.Shakespeare in Love Main Theme (Piano Cover)The Piano-Fortissimos1:59
6.The Princess Bride: Storybook Love (Piano Cover)The Piano-Fortissimos2:52
7.Emma Main Theme (Piano Cover)2:32
8.Victoria and Albert Main Theme (Piano Cover)3:30
9.Sense and Sensibility Main Theme (Piano Cover)1:37
10.Jane Eyre Closing Theme (Piano Cover)2:37
11.Persuasion Main Theme (Piano Cover)The Piano-Fortissimos1:41
12.She Walks in Beauty (From 'Vanity Fair') (Piano Cover)The Piano-Fortissimos2:01


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