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Original Ballet Score

音乐 | 发布日期: 12/05/2015 | 格式: 下载




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.The Village Girls Washing by the River / The Girls and the Cossacks5:55
2.Life in the Marketplace2:18
3.A Chase to Catch the Fox1:29
4.The Arrival of the Cossacks and the Blacksmith's Dance5:05
5.Ivan and the Horses / Ivan and Marichka5:51
6.The Cossacks Farewelled to War2:00
7.The Mysterious Blue Fox1:15
8.A Skein of Geese3:03
9.Baba and Did Make a Wonderful Discovery2:20
10.The Little House1:43
11.Forest Friends Lend a Hand2:43
12.Baba and Did Return Home1:33
13.Forest Friends Helping Again1:48
14.The Girl Meets the Village Girls3:50
15.The Girl Is Discovered2:01
16.Marichka's Dream2:57
17.The Night of Ivana Kupala: Ivan and Marichka and the River5:43
18.The Girls Go Wash by the River Once More / The Fox Appears1:52
19.The Fox and the Wolves2:43
20.A King's Coronation1:01
21.Zayets: Polissian Rabbits1:30
22.Hutsul: The Chickens' dance1:42
23.Tropotianka: The Dance of the Vixens2:10
24.The Cossacks Return1:49


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