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Onimusha 3
Demon Siege

ADV Music (0702727077227)
游戏配乐 | 发布日期: 28/09/2004 | 电影发行: 2004 | 格式: CD




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Onimusha 3 Opening Music6:00
3.Main Theme (Samanosuke's Theme)2:40
4.Confrontation with Nobunaga0:51
5.Oni Sword2:06
6.Traces of Conspiracy2:02
7.The Attack of Evil Blade0:58
8.Dies Irae (Guildenstern's Theme)1:39
9.Battle with Brainstern2:26
10.Temptatiom towards the Darkness2:20
11.Approaching Crisis2:11
12.Shine the Eternal Light on Me4:31
13.The Temple Vaults1:53
14.Cursed Reunion0:59
15.Mysterious Temple0:46
16.Undersea Temple (Future)2:31
17.With Courage, Love and the Ammo (Michelle's Theme)2:41
18.The Rain that Falls in Hell2:34
19.Past Wounds1:00
20.Path towards Rescue2:12
21.Battle with Guildenstern1:57
22.A Mother's Warmth (Anri's Theme)1:29
24.Mont St. Michel (Future)1:47
25.Twisted Space2:24
26.Spiritual Enlightenment, and Escape1:23
27.Circuit towards Nostalgia2:40
28.To the Land of the Beginning2:30
29.Time to Settle This0:39
30.Wicked Heart (Ranmaru's Theme)2:17
31.Device Started1:06
32.King of Genma2:23
33.The Final Moment0:55
34.Toward Further Trials (Epilogue)1:20
35.Soul's Trail (Onimusha 3 Staff Roll)6:18
# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Nightmare Attacking Jaques2:01
3.Elusive—Crow Tengu, Ako2:22
4.Holder of New Power1:10
5.Two Onimushas1:16
7.Genma Forest2:06
8.Ranmaru Appears0:48
9.Enemy Blocking the Way3:03
11.Genma Attack1:55
12.Assassin from Tokugawa0:52
13.Battle with Heihachi2:14
14.Key from the Future0:57
15.Undersea Temple (Past)2:46
16.Dark Realm2:26
17.Beast god Bestirred0:34
18.Battle with Gartrude2:31
19.Nihilistic Sound of a Flute0:12
20.A Brief Moment's Rest1:29
21.I Love the Ocean (Heihachi the Warrior)2:00
22.Mont St. Michel (Past)2:49
23.Jacques' Crisis1:10
24.Azuchi Castle Surfacing1:16
25.Searching for the Oni Soldier Jewel1:31
26.Ice Drum2:39
27.Mansion at the Lake Shore1:40
28.Pride (Jacques' Theme)3:23
29.Azuchi Castle Tower1:46
30.Genma and Onimusha1:05
31.Battle with Vega Donna2:13
32.Eternal Feelings0:37
33.Unbeatel Fighting Spirits (Vow with a Friend)1:01
34.Interference by Ranmaru0:49
35.Fear (Nobunaga's Theme)2:34
36.Return to the Future6:44


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