Creepshow / Tales From The Darkside / Mansions Of The Moon / Shoobie Doobie Moon

La-La Land Records (0826924100721)
电影 | 发布: 1982 | 电影发行: 1982 | 格式: CD
限量版: 3000 副本




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Prologue - Welcome To Creepshow4:05
2.Father's Day7:29
3.The Lonesome Death Of Jordy Verrill2:34
4.Something To Tide You Over5:24
5.The Crate5:27
6.They're Creeping Up On You7:33
8.Until The Next Time (End Title)4:26
Newly Recorded Suites From Tales From The Darkside
9.Satanic Piano5:33
10.Everybody Needs A Little Love3:06
11.Sorry Right Number5:27
Overture From Mansions Of The Moon
Shoobie Doobie Moon
13.Main Title Song4:10
14.You Make Me Feel Like A Monster2:15


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