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Treasure Planet

Walt Disney Records (5050466138224)
电影 | 发布日期: 27/11/2002 | 格式: CD, 下载




# 跟踪 艺术家/作曲家 持续时间
1.I'm Still Here (Jim's Theme)John Rzeznik4:13
2.Always Know Where You AreBBMak3:17
3.12 Years Later2:44
4.To the Spaceport1:56
6.Billy Bones2:25
7.The Map0:58
9.The Launch2:42
10.Silver Comforts Jim3:23
11.Jim Chases Morph3:17
13.Silver Bargains2:58
14.The Back Door4:18
15.The Portal5:05
16.Jim Saves the Crew4:36
17.Silver Leaves5:08
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