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电视剧/电视剧 | 发布: 2007 | 格式: CD




# 跟踪   持续时间
Sliders Pilot
1.Main Title1:38
2.The Wormhole1:56
3.The First Slide4:42
4.The Ice World3:16
5.Ice Tornado4:11
6.Strange Land3:33
7.The Rescue2:23
8.Wade's Death?1:46
9.Sliders Escape2:27
11.Finale/End Credits1:38
Luck Of The Draw Episode
12.Slide In0:29
13.A New World1:15
14.The Girl's Suicide2:51
15.Jail Break2:26
16.Wade In Danger1:23
17.Slide Out/Quinn Shot3:12
Bonus Track
18.Past, Present, and Future Overture2:40


Composer Promotional Edition for the series pilot and the episode 'Luck Of The Draw'.

收藏的原声带: Promotional CD

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