The Book of Life

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# 跟踪 艺术家/作曲家 持续时间
1.Special Tour1:02
2.The Book of Life Theme2:47
3.The Tale Begins3:00
4.Visiting Mother1:41
5.Lullaby Theme2:12
6.The Medal1:07
7.A Lover's Tango0:37
8.Manolo vs Joaquin0:51
9.The Boar0:22
11.The Apology Song Demo2:51
12.Sanchez Bullfighting History2:53
13.The Banditos Are Coming!1:25
14.Maria is Gone1:01
15.El Aparato / Land of the RememberingGustavo Santaolalla, Café Tacvba1:46
16.The Sanchez Clan0:30
17.Reunited With Mother1:20
18.I Love You Too Much Demo2:36
19.Going to See La Muerte0:57
20.Maria Agrees to Marry Joaquin / Traveling to the Cave of Souls2:28
21.The Maze1:10
22.Welcome to the Cave of Souls0:55
23.The Book of Life Theme 22:02
24.He Gave Him The Medal1:49
25.A Wager1:02
27.Victory / Don't Forget Me2:51
28.Manolo is Alive2:43
29.The Apology Song Latino Americano2:32


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