The Case Against 8

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# 跟踪   持续时间
1.The Case Against 8 (Opening)3:59
2.The Work Begins1:36
3.Facing Opposition1:54
4.Smart Choices2:19
5.Making a Difference1:37
6.What It Means3:53
7.Second Class Citizens1:46
8.Back to Work1:35
9.The Other Side0:59
10.Acts of Hate1:37
11.Lawyers Everywhere1:39
12.To Represent1:53
13.First Day of Trial2:16
14.Love of My Life3:33
15.Lawyers Working1:22
16.An Historic Case2:58
17.We Won1:15
18.Motion to Vacate2:24
19.Basic Human Decency1:54
20.Changing Tides3:13
21.Admit the Truth2:52
22.Heading to Scotus1:35
23.Supreme Court Readings3:49
24.Triumph for Humanity2:36
25.For Life3:58
26.The Fight Continues (End Credits)3:15
27.All Are Created Equal (Original Demo)3:44


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