The Musical of Musicals - The Musical!
2003 Original Off-Broadway Cast

音乐 | 发布日期: 02/03/2004 | 格式: 光盘




# 跟踪 艺术家/作曲家 持续时间
1.Introduction / Melodrame1:02
2.Oh, What Beautiful Corn (Corn)Craig Fols2:21
3.Scene: Good Morning big Willy...(Corn)Joanne Bogart, Craig Fols, Lovette George1:05
4.I Couldn't Keer Less About You (Corn)Lovette George0:54
5.I Don't Love You (Corn)Craig Fols0:44
6.Scene: Oh You Gave Me Such A Freight...(Corn)Craig Fols, Lovette George1:45
7.Follow Your Dream (Corn)Cast (The York Theatre)2:10
8.Dream Ballet (Corn)Company2:39
9.Sowillyquey (Corn)Craig Fols3:01
10.Clam Dip (Corn)The Company1:06
11.Scene: Oh Big Willy...(Corn)Lovette George, Craig Fols, Joanne Bogart0:57
12.Daylight Savings Time (Corn)The Company0:46
13.Corn FinaleThe Company1:03
14.Welcome To The Woods (A Little Complex)The Company2:45
15.The Ballad Of Jitter (A Little Complex)The Company0:45
16.Jitter's Oath (A Little Complex)0:46
17.Scene: Hi I'm June...(A Little Complex)Lovette George0:43
18.Birds (A Little Complex)Lovette George1:21
19.Getting Away With MurderLovette George1:37
20.Billy-Baby / A Melody? (A Little Complex)Lovette George, Craig Fols0:59
21.Stay With Me (A Little Complex)Lovette George, Craig Fols1:46
22.Jeune's Patter (A Little Complex)Lovette George0:16
23.We're All Gonna Die (A Little Complex)Cast (The York Theatre)1:13
24.Complex Finale (A Little Complex)The Company1:21
25.Dear Abby (Dear Abby!)The Company2:03
26.Take My Advice And Live (Dear Abby!)Company1:17
27.Scene: Thank You Abby...(Dear Abby!)Lovette George, Craig Fols0:38
28.Show Tune (Dear Abby!)Craig Fols, Lovette George0:53
29.Scene: Don't Worry I'm Back...(Dear Abby!)Lovette George, Craig Fols0:42
30.Did I Put Out Enough (Dear Abby!)Cast (The York Theatre)1:27
31.Dear Abby Finale (Dear Abby!)The Company1:42
32.Aspects Of Junita / Prologue (Aspects Of Junita)Craig Fols0:52
33.I've Heard That Song Before (Aspects Of Junita)Lovette George0:59
34.Opera Scena (Aspects Of Junita)Craig Fols, Lovette George1:00
35.Sing A Song (Aspects Of Junita)Lovette George0:56
36.Junita's Recitative (Aspects Of Junita)Lovette George, Craig Fols0:39
37.Go Go Go Go Junita (Aspects Of Junita)Company0:35
38.We Never Talk Anymore (Aspects Of Junita)Craig Fols, Lovette George2:19
39.A Sense Of Entitlement / Second Opera Scena (Aspects Of Junita)Lovette George, Craig Fols2:12
40.Over The Top (Aspects Of Junita)Cast (The York Theatre)1:27
41.Chandelier Scena (Aspects Of Junita)Lovette George, Craig Fols, Eric George1:24
42.Aspects Finale (Aspects Of Junita)Craig Fols, Lovette George2:06
43.Hola, Aloha, Hello (Speakeasy)Craig Fols2:32
44.Juny With A J (Speakeasy)Lovette George, Craig Fols0:37
45.Color Me Gay (Speakeasy)Craig Fols, Lovette George0:56
46.Just Don't Pay (Speakeasy)The Company2:23
47.Easy Mark (Speakeasy)Cast (The York Theatre)1:56
48.Round And Round (Speakeasy)Lovette George, Company2:44
49.DoneThe Company2:20


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