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Doctor Who: Volume 1 The Early Years 1963 - 1969

BBC Music (0684911602326)
电视剧/电视剧 | 发布: 2000 | 格式: CD




# 跟踪 艺术家/作曲家 持续时间
1.Doctor Who (Original Theme) Ron Grainer2:21
An Unearthly Child (Pilot Episode) Brian Hodgson
2.TARDIS Exterior Hum and Door (original)0:23
3.Entry into the TARDIS0:40
4.TARDIS: Original Takeoff Sequence1:47
5.Doctor Who (Original Titles Music) Ron Grainer2:09
An Unearthly Child (Serial A) Brian Hodgson
6.TARDIS Takeoff1:23
The Daleks (Serial B) Brian Hodgson
7.Skaro: Petrified Forest Atmosphere (Thal Wind)1:46
8.TARDIS Computer1:08
9.Dalek City Corridor1:01
10.Dalek Control Room0:26
11.Capsule Oscilation (Dalek Destructor Fuse / Bomb Countdown)0:19
The Edge of Destruction (Serial C) Brian Hodgson
12.Explosion, TARDIS Stops1:10
The Keys of Marinus (Serial E) Brian Hodgson
13.Sleeping Machine0:52
The Sensorites (Serial G) Brian Hodgson
14.Sensorite Speech Background1:10
The Chase (Serial R) Brian Hodgson
15.Dalek Spaceship Lands0:16
16.TARDIS Lands0:11
Galaxy Four (Serial T) Brian Hodgson
17.Chumbley (constant run)0:27
18.Chumbley at rest0:28
19.Chumbley sends message0:07
20.Chumbley dome (rises / falls / rises / falls)0:19
21.Chumbley dies0:11
The Daleks' Masterplan (Serial V) Brian Hodgson
22.Activity on Dalek Ship Control Panel0:46
The Savages (Serial AA) Brian Hodgson
23.Energy Escapes0:22
The Tenth Planet (Serial DD) Brian Hodgson
24.Machinery in TARDIS Goes Wild (Regeneration)1:03
The Power of the Daleks (Serial EE) Brian Hodgson & Dick Mills
25.Regeneration Runs Down0:09
26.The Doctor's Transitional Trauma0:52
The Undrewater Menace (Serial GG) Dudley Simspon
27.The Fish People (Incidental Music)0:37
The Macra Terror
28.Heartbeat Chase Brian Hodgson1:57
29.Chromophone Band Dudley Simpson1:56
30.Controller Chimes Brian Hodgson0:10
31.Musak (From Time in Advance) John Baker3:19
32.Propaganda Sleep Machine Brian Hodgson1:08
33.Doctor Who (New Opening Theme, 1967) Ron Grainer0:51
The Web of Fear (Serial QQ) Brian Hodgson
34.Sting & Web (Cocooning Interior) / Cobweb Pulsates2:04
35.4 Stings0:18
Fury from the Deep (Serial RR) Dudley Simpson
36.Mr Oak and Mr Quill (Incidental Music)0:39
The Wheel in Space (Serial SS) Brian Hodgson
37.Lead-in to Cyber Planner0:14
38.Cyber Planner Background0:37
39.Cyberman Stab & Musi1:32
40.Rocket Stab0:08
41.Birth of Cybermats0:44
42.Cybermats attracted to Wheel0:39
43.Rocket in Space1:49
44.Interior Rocket (Suspense Music)1:55
45.Servo Robot Music1:28
46.Wheel Stab0:14
47.Cosmos Atmosphere1:08
48.Alien Ship Music1:00
49.Jarvis in a Dream State0:47
50.Floating Through Space1:14
51.2 Stabs0:11
The Dominators (Serial TT) Brian Hodgson
52.TARDIS (New Landing)0:18
53.Galaxy Atmosphere1:04
54.Tension Builder (a)0:45
55.Tension Builder (b)0:40
56.Tension Builder (c)1:06
57.Low Sting0:10
The Mind Robber (Serial UU) Brian Hodgson
58.TARDIS: Extra Power Unit Plugged1:53
59.Zoe's Theme1:19
60.White Void1:16
The Invasion (Serial VV) Brian Hodgson
61.Time in Advance: Muzak John Baker2:48
62.Cybermen brought to Life1:12
63.Cyber Invasion2:11
The Krotons (Serial WW) Brian Hodgson
64.The Learning Hall2:40
65.Entry into the Machine1:33
67.Machine and City Theme1:49
68.Kroton Theme2:13
The Space Pirates (Serial YY) Brian Hodgson
69.TARDIS Land0:25
The War Games (Serial ZZ) Brian Hodgson
70.Alien Control Centre Brian Hodgson0:27
71.Time Zone Atmosphere Brian Hodgson0:40
72.Dimensional Control (SIDRAT dimensions contract) Brian Hodgson0:49
73.War Lord Arrival Brian Hodgson0:16
74.Silver Box (The Doctor calls for help) Brian Hodgson1:02
75.Time Lord Court Atmosphere Brian Hodgson1:18
76.Doctor Who (Closing Titles) Ron Grainer0:41


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