Bell, Book and Candle / 1001 Arabian Nights

Film Score Monthly (0638558021125)
电影 | 发布: 2006 | 格式: CD




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Bell, Book and Candle
1.Main Title2:24
3.Send Me Nicky2:06
4.Way Out Calypso1:55
5.Stormy Weather Polka1:54
6.The Spell/Shep Hooked5:15
7.The Herb Shop2:40
8.I Wish I Could/Gil's Whammy/All Right Shep3:34
9.That Cat Again/Shep Whammied/You're a Fool2:55
10.Shep Shook2:02
11.Where's Pyewacket?/Naughty Cat/Gil's Tears2:19
12.Pyewacket Returns2:09
13.Zodiac Serenade2:20
14.Zodiac Blues2:21
15.Only Human and End Title4:23
1001 Arabian Nights
16.Main Title3:39
17.Magoo's Blues (vocal--Jim Backus)2:09
18.Sultan's Parade and You Are My Dream3:13
19.Palanquin Chase2:18
20.Wedding Celebration3:32
21.Bar Fly Magoo0:44
22.You Are My Dream---Reprise1:49
23.Three Little Maids From Damascus (vocal--The Clark Sisters)2:23
24.Unhappy Magoo1:38
25.Dream Ballet3:42
26.Crazy Carpet4:14
27.End Title1:14


Bell Book and Candle (1985)

Bell, Book and Candle/1001 Arabian Nights (1959)

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