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The Fall of the Roman Empire

Prometheus 20/10/2017 下载
Prometheus (5400211001707)
电影 电影发行: 1964




# 跟踪   持续时间
3.Aurelius Awaits the Dawn2:20
4.The Arrival of Livius / Lucilla and Livius5:54
5.Pax Romana5:01
6.Cleander Listens / Caesar's Decision2:03
7.Livius Leaves the Fort / Caesar and Lucilla3:19
8.The Dawn of Love / Drinking Companions5:15
9.Barbarian Women / Lovers Reunited5:58
10.Preparation for Battle / The Signal to March2:37
11.The Mysterious Forest3:21
12.Barbarian Ambush3:49
13.Lucilla's Sacrifice3:11
14.The Execution / The Conspiracy4:17
15.Apple of Death / Lucilla's Sorrow5:48
17.The Undoubted Caesar3:16
18.The Roman Forum / Coronation / Triumph and End of Act 15:33
# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Intermission: The Fall of Love3:13
3.Death March / Balomar's Barbarian Attack4:38
4.Lucilla Visits Commodus / The Gates of Rome4:24
6.Livius' Success / The Last Goodbye1:14
7.Exile / Morning / The Prophecy4:16
8.The Court Musicians2:28
9.Meeting in the East / Disillusionment / Armenian Treachery5:46
10.Persian Battle / Return to Home7:09
11.Timonides' Triumph / Barbarian Celebration / Massacre2:56
13.The God's Laugh2:42
14.Death of Polybius2:33
15.Roman Celebration / Tarantella4:42
16.Commodus Kills His Father3:01
17.Commodus Deified3:46
18.The Fall of Rome5:08
19.Epilogue (Prelude – Concert Suite Version)3:15


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