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# 跟踪 艺术家/作曲家 持续时间
1.Steve's Theme: Main Title3:25
2.Hey Woz/Dawn Of Computers2:36
3.Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 AllegroI Barocchisti, Diego Fasolis4:11
4.Leaving Homebrew1:13
5.First Deal1:15
6.Scarborough FairDylan McDonald & Cassidy Cooper3:32
7.We Got A Shop/In the Garage1:47
8.There Were TimesFreddy Monday3:06
9.The Breakup1:20
10.Cold Calls2:13
11.Silver GhostParish Hall2:50
12.The Deal1:52
13.Jobs Fires His Girlfriend/Computer Fair3:06
14.Roll With The Changes (Re:created)REO Speedwagon5:35
15.Jobs Fires Programmer2:18
16.Going Public2:37
17.Steve's The Problem/Letter From Lisa4:30
18.Recruiting Team Macintosh2:58
19.Simpler Interface/For Everyman1:42
20.Jobs Gets John Sculley1:03
21.1984 Commercial2:02
22.The Board Acts/Steve Makes Calls3:23
23.Worst Mistake I Ever Made4:28
24.Father And Son2:00
25.Seven Years Later/Steve Jobs the Gardner2:16
26.Jobs Returns/Tours AppleJohn Debney and Josh Debney2:46
27.Why Do You Stay?2:04
28.Walk On The Ocean (Jobs Mix)Toad The Wet Sprocket3:53
29.More Inventory1:04
30.Steve Takes Control/Interim CEO1:22
32.Golden Parachute2:49
33.Think Different2:50


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