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电影 | 发布: 2002 | 电影发行: 1982 | 格式: 光盘, 下载




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Creation Of Tron0:46
2.Only Solutions3:37
3.We've Got Company2:15
5.Ring Game And Escape2:54
6.Water, Music, And Tronaction2:22
7.Tron Scherzo1:44
8.Miracle And Magician2:37
9.Magic Landings3:40
10.Theme From Tron1:31
11.1990's Theme2:04
12.Love Theme2:04
13.Tower Music - Let Us Pray3:47
14.The Light Sailer2:36
15.Sea Of Simulation3:23
16.A New Tron And The MCP5:10
18.Ending Titles5:10
Bonus Tracks:
19.Tronaction (Original Version)1:26
20.Break In (For Strings, Flutes, And Celesta)5:31
21.Anthem For Keyboard Solo1:09


其他版本 TRON (1982):

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