99 Donne

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电影 | 发布日期: 05/05/2005 | 电影发行: 1969 | 格式: CD




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.The Day I Was Born3:36
2.99 Donne (Seq.1)2:18
3.99 Donne (Seq.2)3:42
4.99 Donne (Seq.3)2:15
5.99 Donne (Seq.4)2:30
6.99 Donne (Seq.5)1:11
7.99 Donne (Seq.6)3:04
8.99 Donne (Seq.7)1:40
9.99 Donne (Seq.8)2:15
10.99 Donne (Seq.9)2:31
11.99 Donne (Seq.10)4:56
12.99 Donne (Seq.11)3:05
13.99 Donne (Seq.12)1:53
14.99 Donne (Seq.13)2:15
15.99 Donne (Seq.14)1:17
16.99 Donne (Seq.15)1:51
17.99 Donne (Seq.16)3:12
18.99 Donne (Seq.17)1:58
19.99 Donne (Seq.19)2:21
20.99 Donne (Seq.20)3:06
21.99 Donne (Seq.21)3:48
22.99 Donne (Seq.22)2:15
23.99 Donne (Seq.23)1:41
24.99 Donne (Seq.24)2:19


Music By Bruno Nicolai Digitmovies releases the volume two dedicated to the music by Bruno Nicolai for the movies by Jess Franco and after 'Eugenie-De Sade'70' is the turn of '99 women' directed in 1968 by Jess Franco and starring Mercedes McCambridge, Maria Schell, Rosalba Neri and Herbert Lom. This movie tells the dramatic story of women prisoners inside a Spanish fortress on the Panama coast. Bruno Nicolai has written and conducted a symphonic score that alternates mysterious, dramatic and action themes to other romantic and sensual ones given by the sax and the orchestra that reprise instrumental variations of the main theme song 'The day I was born'. This Cd was produced using every single music note recorded in the original stereo master tapes. Deluxe full colour 8 pages booklet limited edition

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