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# 跟踪 艺术家/作曲家 持续时间
1.Up With Titles0:53
2.We're In the Club Now0:43
3.Married Life4:10
4.Carl Goes Up3:33
5.52 Chachki Pickup1:14
6.Paradise Found1:03
7.Walkin' the House1:03
8.Three Dog Dash0:51
9.Kevin Beak'n1:14
10.Canine Conundrum2:03
11.The Nickel Tour0:52
12.The Explorer Motel1:26
13.Escape from Muntz Mountain2:43
14.Giving Muntz the Bird1:57
15.Stuff We Did2:13
16.Memories Can Weigh You Down1:22
17.The Small Mailman Returns3:11
18.He's Got the Bird0:29
19.Seizing the Spirit of Adventure5:19
20.It's Just a House1:59
21.The Ellie Badge1:30
22.Up With End Credits7:38
23.The Spirit of Adventure2:30
24.Carl's Maiden VoyageSkywalker Sound (Sfx)0:52
25.Muntz's Dark ReverieSkywalker Sound (Sfx)0:52
26.Meet Kevin in the JungleSkywalker Sound (Sfx)1:32


Oscars: Best Original Score (获奖者)

收藏的原声带: Kids

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