Kindred Spirits

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# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Waiting At the Station1:07
2.News from Afar0:40
3.Those Were the Days1:00
4.When We Meet Again1:15
5.Since You Went Away...1:10
6.Best of Friends1:14
7.Forgive Me2:24
8.Forever Yours1:20
9.Dawn, Fresh and New1:02
10.A Long Awaited Visit2:04
11.You Mustn't Leave1:18
12.The Homecoming1:32
13.Remember That Summer1:06
14.See You Next Year1:10
15.A Letter Full of News1:02
16.I'll Never Forget You1:37
17.Holding My Hand1:04
18.A Spring Bouquet0:43
19.A Betrothal of Friendship1:08
20.Go Soft and Gently1:29
21.Kindred Spirits1:12
22.An Old Romance1:10
23.Green Gables Homestead1:16
24.This Was Once Mine1:05
25.I Think of You At Night0:45
26.The Contest1:26
27.After the Journey1:12
28.You Are In My Heart0:40
29.Shared Memories1:15
30.The Awakening1:15


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