The Best Music Box Collection from Hayao Miyazaki Films

BMG Japan (4988017618509)
电影 | 发布日期: 12/11/2003 | 格式: 光盘




# 跟踪   持续时间
1.Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro: Fire Treasure2:45
2.Nausica Valley Of The Wind: The Princess Who Loves Insects3:11
3.Kiki's Delivery Service: A Town where you can see the Ocean3:38
4.Laputa Castle In The Sky: Carrying You4:06
5.Laputa Castle In The Sky: Sheeta's Decision3:47
6.Totoro: Stroll3:30
7.Totoro: Mother3:46
8.Kiki's Delivery Service: Osono's Favor4:03
9.Totoro: My Neighbor Totoro4:53
Kiki's Delivery Service
10.Express Delivery Service4:03
12.Message from Rouge2:55
13.If I Were Enveloped in Tenderness4:02
Porco Rosso
14.The Wind of Time3:17
15.Porco E Bella3:00
16.Once In A While3:24
17.Flying Boatmen3:49
18.The Bygone Days3:35
19.Porco E Bella (Ending)5:30
21.Princess Mononoke: Princess Mononoke Theme Song3:46
22.Spirited Away: It's Hard Work3:26
23.Princess Mononoke: Ashitaka and San4:28
24.Princess Mononoke: The Legend of Ashitaka Theme4:05
Spirited Away
26.White Dragon3:06
27.Waltz of Chihiro3:26
28.Always With Me3:47


收藏的原声带: Anime

Anime Movie Themes Arranged for Piano (2001)
Genesis Climber Mospeada: Love, Live, Alive (1984)
Princess Mononoke (2001)
Macross Plus (2001)
오세암 (2003)
Genesis Climber Mospeada Vol. 3 (1984)
Tatsunoko Pro Zenshu (2007)
天空の城ラピュタ (1992)
Arion (1986)
Candy Candy (2003)

收藏的原声带: Compilation

Rocky Story, The (1991)
Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)
Classic Film Scores Of Bernard Herrmann, The (1974)
Aisle Seat (1982)
Storia di un Italiano (2002)
Violent Western Themes (1985)
Platinum Hit (2011)
Great Movie Themes (1963)
Beautiful Hollywood (1997)
Round-Up (1986)

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