55 Days at Peking Volume 1

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# 跟踪   持续时间
2.Main Title3:03
3.Peking China the Summer of the Year 19000:45
4.Order from a Prime Minister / In the Palace1:48
6.The Water Wheel Torture1:38
7.A Dead British Missionary0:40
8.Welcome Marines1:55
9.Hotel Blanc2:26
10.Lewis and Natasha's First Encounter2:20
11.Prince Tutan2:04
12.Dance at the British Embassy3:07
13.The Boxers Entertain2:44
14.Natasha's Waltz2:21
15.Murder of the German Minister2:13
16.Mass Execution0:30
17.An Empress Warning1:10
18.Rescued from an Angry Crowd1:10
19.Preparing for Battle2:13
20.Natasha Visits a Chinaman1:38
21.Lewis and Natasha Disagree1:11
22.Attack of the French Legation3:17
23.British Solider Wounded0:49
24.On Top of the Wall2:07
25.All Quiet on the Eastern Front0:35
26.Here They Come2:46
27.Hospital Scene1:04
28.Moon Fire5:50


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